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I asked you a question. I repeat isn't it better to just remove the queue solo button? You don't want pugs to only face pugs since that would cause long queue times for premades. You also don't want any measures taken to level 50 PvP until x-server queues and you certainly don't want to wait longer for warzone pops because you are premading (or did you change your mind recently?). I think we all know x-server queues are never going to happen after they stealth removed that particular part in the queue window. We also know that premaders don't want to wait up to 15 minutes for a 4-man premade to be freed up from an ongoing warzone so they can be queued against each other. So what you suggest is wishful thinking that never is going to happen. That train left with the other 2 mil subs that left the game.

Removing the queue solo button would force solo queuers to premade and make the premaders happy. I know you love to ignore difficult questions and spout some other nonsense. Can you just answer with a simple yes or no and then a short motivation if the solo queue button should be removed now that we know what you suggest is never going to happen. I don't need an essay or book recommendations. I probably have read them all if they are somewhat known and involve politics and sci-fi.
Now, you're just being stubborn because you can't win an argument. (I'm sensing a losing trend here.)

Cross server queue'ing is just as likely as a PuG only queue system. Even without Cross server, it -might- be possible for a better matchmaking system that is Inclusive but will still, on occassion be forced to pit 8 pugs against a premade and 4 pugs to keep queue times down.

I have never advocated for the removal of a solo only option, I have simply encouraged those whom choose to -exclusively- take that option to stop, and get involved in a guild/team. If someone refuses to break away from their solitary queue ways, by all means allow them to keep queue'ing. They of course, should expect their chances of -winning- to be much lower than someone who isn't being a full-time loner.

<.< So... you done throwing a tantrum?