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And the solution to that is Cross Server Queues. Works just fine. Game is dead, and dieing, people have to quit using the "community" meme to counter Cross Server Queues. Don't complain about wait times if you want to keep Queues single server only. The extra option plus cross server is the answer. If there is one group of people that can't find others to play with then TOUGH. They will have to go with the majority and either press or NOT press the space bar as the majority stipulates. If they don't like it then THEY can do the WORK to put together a group of like minded people ( may be even join a freaking guild ) instead of QQ'ing and being lazy and whining over not being able to play the way the want without ANY effort on their parts what so ever.

You can't eat your cake and have it too!
I have always been a supporter of cross-server queues, though i don't see how they are a solution for this. A short-term one maybe, but in the long run the "no spacebar" queue is still going to reach an unplayable state and become abandoned. It will just slow the process.