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11.06.2012 , 05:20 PM | #8
Let me make it perfectly clear, I wish this server was more active, at least Bioware should combine all 3 oceanic servers to give it a chance.

But lets look at the facts, with so few playing there are MUCH less items being made / available on the GTN so how do we proceed to improve. Well you could make all you need yourself but that would be impossible i think.
The more people playing the more available stuff is exponentially.

So in order to be able to kill the elite bosses & do heroics (getting a group together to do this is near high impossible) you have to be many many levels higher & you know what that means to get there. GRIND. I hate doing that.

This game relies heavy on group mates especially for warzones.
Sure you can solo but this is a MMO and all that means, if there is no one else out there whats the point.

Bioware combined all the low servers in the US because of the very problem we are having now. They should offer a free transfer to the US servers for us so we can continue with our very loved & time honored characters.