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11.06.2012 , 04:51 PM | #14
In terror SM last week we sevened manned the first boss, while carrying a fresh 50 literally dinged his first fifty a few hours before we started, and was in recruit gear. Someone, another relatively fresh 50 logged in and we downed up to kephess with that group before one had to go.

Attempted to seven man Terror and got him to 7%. Pugged someone in battlemaster and a couple of pieces of war hero who had never done an operation before, had no vent and downed Terror in one go. Only unfortunate bit was the pug died in the last phase and tried to res like flashpoints allow you to do now so missed out on rolling for loot because he wasn't in the instance for the kill.

In conclusion too many bad players this is not hard at all in SM. Gear requirements are almost non existent if you can get at least 2 decent dps.