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Ah the meme continues. No Mr. Hickman, it wasn't "the price" of the subscription, it was "the quality of the service" for the price of the subscription that drove people away. In fact, your patch 1.4 "quality of life fixes" forced me back to World of Warcraft. Fix your game and tell us the truth.
This. The fact that they (Bioware et al) has decided this is THE REASON for why SWTOR has seen a significant decline in subs is just proof that they are continuing to perpetuate this falsehood. The product itself turned out to be lackluster and this is the reason subs have declined. There are plenty of MMOs that still utilize the subscription model and people still happily pay for it because the product is worth it.

It's just sad to see Bioware continue to find new ways to deceive themselves in order to explain away these "problems". If the Executive Producer and the rest of Bioware/EA believe that eliminating the sub and implementing contrived restrictions on access to the product will bring home the bacon, they're in for a rude awakening.

Sure there will be plenty of returners when F2P finally launches, but after being smacked in the face with the corralling restrictions which have been blatantly designed to make subbing a need instead of disguising it as a choice, they're going to barely last a week before going back to WoW, TSW, GW2, Rift, or EVE.

bleh. Anyway. You (Bioware/EA) get one shot at first impressions. This "State of the Game" is already off to a sloppy start.