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As it has been stated ad nausem and ad infinitum, in the myriad of threads that already exist on this very subject ( search is your friend), there is a simple solution to fix this problem:

Add a feature in LFG to select "no space bar" and agrigate people into like minded groups. Simple fix. Perhaps too simple. It's obvious really.
And in the very same threads there is an explanation on why this would only make things worse.
If you have 2 separate queues, the majority of people (those who prefer to skip and those who don't care) will join the option without convos. Which will increase waiting times for the "no space bar" option to the point, where even those who would like to see the story are forced to join the undesirable queue, since a run without cutscenes > no run at all.

Quote: Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
How am "I" being a jerk?! "I" am the one willing to go with majority opinion. YOU are the closed minded one who refuses to spacebar. YOU are the elitist in this scenario, not ME. I suggest you be a team player if you wanna group with others. If you don't, I really have no sympathy for you at all.
I love this post.
So if you want to play through a flashpoint the way it's supposed to be played (else there wouldn't be any cutscenes there in the first place), then you are close minded and an elitist. If you are willing to bend under other people, to sacrifice your own fun in order to make the run a couple of minutes shorter for them, then you are a good man.