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Aren't you that person who dueled a mediocre guardian, and who eventually admitted that you weren't all that good yourself? You know, you basically wasted everyone's time in what was supposed to be a legitimate test of a commando's capability versus melee classes like sentinels and guardians?
Did you not see my vids? Apparently not. They're in the sig. Judge for yourself. I never called myself a bad, only that I wasn't the best, but I was only being modest. Honestly I think there is only one merc out there on my server that is better than me. Can't remember his name, but he's in <STS> or at least was. He no longer plays.
25 minute Assault Commando pvp video:
Duck'bumps (Assault Commando) vs Silch (Focus Guardian) all 5 Rounds (Silch POV):