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11.06.2012 , 03:28 PM | #1
If you are the selfish need everything, then this is not the thread for you.

The question here is for those that are generally trying to make their guild better and the community better as a whole, not the self-centered me at all cost. I have been feeling guilty lately because, you guessed it, I do not have a tank on the republic or the imperial side. I have 3 healers and 3 dps at the moment. So am I being selfish and self-centered by not at least rolling one tank? Or does the healer role absolve me from need to roll a tank?

The tank role just holds no interest to me. Of course the healer role held no interest either, but that was what the guild needed at the time and I have fallen in love with the role. I also know many people only run dps, but this isnít about that, is it alright not to roll a tank if you at least fill the healer role. I could easily covert my dps shadow over to tank, but I like the support role of a healer way more than I ever could enjoy leading a group.