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lol, I do a HM daily as both a tank and a healer and I don't understand this at all. The only times I ever leave groups are if the rest of the group is so woefully undergeared/not paying attention to mechanics that they repeatedly wipe on bosses and show no signs at all of being able to pass it. Even then I give it multiple tries, but once I've spent 30k+ on repairs I tend to politely bow out.

The people obsessed with skipping every tiny mob are the ones that annoy me the most though. I notice this most on my tank. I like a speedy run as much as anyone, and I normally do skip as many mobs as is convenient, but if I ever dare to kill one group of mobs that can either be downed in 15 seconds or avoided if you do some elaborate series of jumps that takes longer than the pull did... people usually start whining.

Yet, if I am trying to skip but people keep agroing the mobs anyway, I don't even say a word and just kill them on. It really doesn't take long to clear trash. It's nice if you can skip it, but hardly the deal breaker many people throw down their toys and go home over.

On the other end of the spectrum, on my healer I get most annoyed when the tank and DPS are not helping me at all, all attacking the same elite mob while 4 normals are shooting me from range nonstop. And then they go "NEED HEALS" even though I'm having to spam heal myself just to stay alive...
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