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11.06.2012 , 03:07 PM | #8
I don't really see this as a design or ops flaw, but more of a guild flaw. We are running SM, HM and NIM EV and KP for fresh 50's and fresh 50 alts. We also run them through HMFP (fresh 50s) so that they can gear and get comms plus learn the instances before we throw them to PUG HM FPs . Personally I would love to do all the ops on each of my alts, but many times I will still do them with my main since the group is short a healer (be glad to get my commando to 50 so I am not doing SM EV with a campaign geared sawbones). Most of my alt have been/will be geared through legacy and crewskills, but I skill plan on doing all the ops on every alt for no other reason than I want my speeders.