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at the early levels, it might be easier to use elara and go dps.

if you want to stick with heals, you might just have to push through with forex for a while until you get access to all of that better gear, then you'll be able to keep aric up longer

also, for mob pulls that look like trouble, you can do a few things to help yourself out.
- first, disable all of the AOE attacks that aric has and put him into sniper mode. this will ensure that he doesn't break your mezz:
- use concussive round (1min mezz) on the strongest-looking target. if there are still other enemies left alive 1min later, be sure to use it again immediately when it comes off of CD
- cryo the next toughest-looking guy. 4s later, use no retreat (heroic moment move that resets CD of cryo and heals 2% of max health for 1min) and cryo again
- feel free to use full auto on any weak targets to disable them during the duration. if you can separate several weak targets from the guy you mezzed, feel free to throw a sticky grenade or plasma grenade or just plant mortar volley on a group of weak mobs.

kill the weak targets first, then strong, elite, and on up the food chain

also, make sure that you're keeping aric well-geared as well (as well as you are). it actually makes a huge difference for companions.
also, every planet (as far as i know) has a cantina vendor that sells a 30min stim with a presence bonus. try to stockpile a few of those and keep them up at all times (and maybe try to get some presence stims). gearing up aric and piling on the presence will increase his damage by quite a lot.