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Ok we have a ton of complaints against mercenaries. lets help point out what doesn't work in the specialization trees.

Bodyguard: It all adds up fairly evenly. No complaints. I also am not primarily a healer so i can't call any out.


Kolto Vents:

Its not in the power, but in the execution. 7% over 10 seconds? Not gunna save you in the least bit versus ANY other class. Even combined with Kolto Overload the duration is too long to benefit.


Changing the duration to over 6 seconds instead of 10 to actually have a noticeable effect and increasing the heal from 7% to 10%.

Power Over-rides

Most useless talent ever. Not used for PvP or PvE with so many other better options even on tier 1 pyro and bodyguard trees. Seriously this is a level 6 talent?


Look on the forums, tons of em. Anything is better than this.


Sweltering Heat:

Nerfed into the ground. Combustible gas cylinder has a 16% chance to be triggered (IF freaking talented). IF it actually triggers, it slows its target for 30% for 2 seconds which nobody notices while leaping and force speeding around. Either get rid of it, or fix it for mercenaries. Otherwise, its a waste of two points.

Infared Scanners:

Dunno bout everyone, but if any stealth comes within 10m of me i usually catch a glimpse of them anyway. When i drop Stealth Scan all it does is tell the other team where NOT to step, having very little function other than that. melee and ranged defense by 2%? There is no signifcant change. Its primary and secondary function are useless for PvP and PvE. Utterly useless.


How about changing it entirely to a Pyro version of "Haunted Dreams" from the Inquistor madness tree? I.E: makes concussion missle stun the target for an additional 2 seconds if it is broken early by damage or by CC breaker. Or how about it increases movement speed by 30% when activating Kolto-Over-load for 3 seconds? Or both?


Actually not that bad.


why not make it better by simply making it so we can't be lept/charged to while energy shield is active as well. Defense against roots (which currently seem to be the new hip thing in pvp these days since Roots aren't on the resolve system)

So how bout some damn Mercenary love huh? Or atleast consideration