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I didn't say you should, I'm just saying I did, and I would assume most people do. I play an alt for a change of pace and a different play style. I've seen all the fights of the endgame content except the last two bosses in TFB on HM. I am glad I don't have to do the gear progression again on an alt.

I don't see a problem with what the OP is saying, I was just answering his question in regards to if people work their way up in gear progression. Why should I if I don't have to? I would accept a rakata geared player in TFB SM or EC HM since that is the next logical step in gear progression. But I don't understand why you wouldn't gear for an alt with bh comms if they are just sitting on your main? But you might as well wait til 1.5 at this point where you will be able to buy the campaign armorings directly with bh comms.
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