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without armor debuff, on the ops dummy i'm putting around 1650 dps over 6min. i've tried different spec, not too big of a difference, except that telekinetic spec has a nice 30sec opening burst. if span over 6min, the average dps is kinda the same. and i'm in one piece 63 rest 61 gear. 4set pve bonus. give me 1022 bonus damage, 35.8% crit, 74.25%surge, 10.25% alacrity. i'm also using rakata adrenal.
i think sage dps need a serious buff. my sentinel can do well over 1750-1800 with no armor debuff on op dummy, and no rakata adrenal; my commando can also do 1700 dps easy. I think my sage is well-geared, but still doesn't do nearly as much damage as equally geared sentinel or commandos.
What's your average ping and are you noticing any hickups between fighting the dummy the parsed data?