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I agree with the OP totally. So I should only grind BH comms with my main so I can transfer over the mods through legacy gear... So when should I play my alt? Only when I have all BH Mods?

The main problem I see also is there is a huge gap in gear advancement. Please tell me if I'm wrong but there are only 2 ops which drop campaign and higher which is of course EC HM and TFB HM. Since the majority of people believe that you need to have all BH mods to even attempt those 2 what is the point of doing EC HM if not for the main hand HILT. Oh sorry and to clear the quest for the nightscythe. The fix is simple enough. We have tionese comms, columni comms, and then BH comms? Why do they not have a daily or weekly for rakata and campaign comms?
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