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I started running these HM flashpoints pre 1.2 for columi gear for me and my buddies back when you could only run them once a day and there was no guarantee the drop would be anything any of you could use. I still run them for BH comms and for alts on occasion. So yes, watching the same cutscene I've seen literally 100 times is a waste of my time. Clearly most people feel the same way because it is very rare for a group to watch all the cut scenes anymore. We would prefer to finish the FP quickly and spend our time raiding or doing warzones or whatever. That's our preference, and we are entitled to it just as you are to sit and watch cut scenes all day. If I'm with a group that wants to watch cut scenes, I will happily drop out. If the group doesn't want to watch cut scenes, we will vote kick you so you can find a group that is happy to run the way you want.
As mentioned earlier, when it comes to HM runs I can fully understand wanting to spacebar through it, I only disagree with normal 'story' mode runs where some players may be seeing that FP for the first time while leveling up.