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so how is cryo grenade *not* a fundamental ability to a VG? or grapple? or neural surge? I need them to deal with melee and heals and range, just like you need your root to deal with melee....

it's not like I'm saying root shouldn't work, but for the lousy FOUR SECONDS OF FULL RESOLVE IMMUNITY, you're going to complain that the guy isn't rootable? come on! that's laughble to me. and why on earth would you care if root added to resolve, since you'd already have had to root the person for it to matter?

personally, i'm more offended that full resolve can still be rooted/snared than that they build resolve, but they're both, by definition, CC. resolve doesn't manage CC well at all, and no, I probably wouldn't care if this were pre 1.4.

focusing on the bold part: you're in a team game. your teammates screw-ups are your problems. this is like lando screaming "it's not my fault! they told me they fixed it!" yeah. well "they" didn't. you don't always get what you want. and, perhaps this is just me, but did a sniper just mock poor melee? leaps and pulls don't even work on snipers, AND they nerfed the range of stuns to a useless (in regard to fighting snipers) 10m. so please, let's not pretend as if you don't have plenty of time to unload on an oncoming melee. the stealth classes....ok. sure. there are a lot more maras, juggs, PTs than assassins & ops.
Again, it's not about "always getting what you want" like you keep saying. Cryo grenade is a true stun (just like debilitate, which of course should build resolve) grapple is a gap closer, which is used most frequently to pull people into fires and traps than for anything else. And yes, I think roots are more essential to a turret defender like a sniper than any of these abilities are to their respective classes. I don't want to have to worry about a simple root building resolve when I use it, just as if I had actually used a stun or mezz on them. Also how it would affect resolve to what my teammates are doing with their cc's whether there's another sniper on my team also rooting or defending our side of the map with me, etc. We make everything fill resolve and then you have the complete opposite of the cc-fest that's going on now. Walking on eggshells with cc is just as bad. And just because melee can't leap or pull they aren't deterred. Marauders and sentinels like to use their little Houdini trick to attack snipers all the time. Sniper isn't the only class I've played extensively in this game, and any time I'm on one of my melee I hate getting rooted as much as anyone else, so I can see it from that point of view. But that really doesn't warrant roots building resolve. And the whole roots issue is really going off topic of what the real problem. In a typical game, roots are probably the least form of cc that I encounter. Consecutive hard stuns and mezzes are what happens 90% of the time I'm cc'd. Before 1.4, it wasn't a problem, as resolve built quickly. That's the true problem, is the sheer amount of cc that is in PVP right now, and it truly wasn't there prior to 1.4.