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I've come to really hate this reply. I understand it, but my thought on the matter is you can't always get what you want. your cc (root) can't always hit. god forbid you have to be careful about who/when you root. and c'mmon, if the guy has full resolve, he's already had to suffer through a ton of CC. now he's rooted? lol. c'mmon. overkill much? how is being full resolve and being insusceptible to stuns any different from having full resolve and being insusceptible to a root? because it's bad for the person trying to root? really? is it supposed to be good for the guy trying to stun? hey, I just stunned that sin who doesn't have full resolve. why should he have shroud immunity? same dif: I can't always get what I want.

bottom line: your root shouldn't always work, just like your punt doesn't always work and grapple doesn't always work. use your roots judiciously like every other class has to with their CCs.
Bottom line, go play a ranged dps class for an extensive period of time. Everyone who has ever complained about how roots/snares aren't on resolve has never played a ranged dps class.