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First off, thanks to all the readers of Life of Lieutenant Pierce. Second, thanks to bright_ephemera's Overcoming Adviercity for inspiring me to write a trooper-related story! So: down to business. This is a trooper story that spans post-Ord Mantell to post-Corellia. Like bright_ephemera's mine will have a (very few) scenes from the actual story; so spoilers will be mandatory. Be ye warned! Also, the chapters will likely be shorter than those in Life of Lieutenant Pierce.

Chapter 1:
Left Behind at the Fleet

T7-O1=bored // Jedi=left T7 behind.”

Aric Jorgan looked down at the yellow-and-gray droid, as well as the other two waiting in line for the shuttle to Coruscant. One was a shaggy-haired man with scars over his face and neck. He had a rifle that looked lethal, yet old-fashioned. The other was a Trandoshan with a vibrosword.

“I know what you mean, little guy,” the Cathar replied. “The Lieutenant got the pass to the Esseles, but that stupid bouncer wouldn’t let me aboard. ‘No ticket, no pass’ he said.”

The shaggy man nodded. “Yeah. I mean, I don’t even know how my boss procured a ticket to the thing!”

Jorgan raised an eyebrow. “Huh?”

The man seemed nervous. “Ah, nothing. I’m Corso Riggs. You?”

Lieutenant–no, “Sergeant Aric Jorgan,” he said, gritting his sharp teeth.

“Am Qyzen Fess,” the Trandoshan rumbled. “Was also left to travel on small shuttle while Jedi took big transport.”

Jorgan frowned. “Did we somehow become teamed up with the four most famous people in the galaxy?”

“Infamous, maybe,” Corso muttered.



* * *

By the time the shuttle landed on Coruscant, Jorgan was highly suspicious of Corso’s boss. Corso had repeatedly deflected questions about his identity, and his occupation.

“Where are they?” Jorgan wondered. “Esseles should have gotten here hours before us.”

Corso shrugged. “Let’s check the HoloNet.”

He pulled out a datapad and keyed in a frequency. T7-O1 and Qyzen Fess came in close.

“…Imperials attacked the Republic vessel known as the Esseles in an attempt to capture ambassador Vyn Asara. A lieutenant in the famous Havoc Squad, as well as two Jedi and an unknown quantity, a freelancer, repelled the attack. More to come after…”

Corso deactivated the datapad.

“Freelancer?” Jorgan asked. “Gunrunner?”

Corso nodded. “Sometimes.”

Soon, a shuttle from the Esseles landed. Prudii seemed utterly embarrassed to see Jorgan, though he seemed to have come out of the battle for the better. The two Jedi looked like they could be related, but one had far darker hair than the other. And Corso’s boss was a male Mirialan with a brown-orange jacket and a pair of pistols in quick-draw holsters.

“Looks like I’m out of here,” Jorgan said. “See you around, Corso.”

The other man nodded. “Certainly.”