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What made me ask the question was the Transgenic Sample 11 fight in Lost Island. Implicit in rDPS vs mDPS is cast/channelled attacks vs instant attacks. With sample 11, players are required to be on the run for a portion of the fight. In this case mDPS is a bit better as they can continue hitting with their best attacks. It sounds like this is not a major consideration though.

As for smuggler class: my wife is going gunslinger (sniper), not scoundrel (operative) since she wants to play rDPS and gunslinger has 2 ranged trees: sharshooter (marksmanship) and Saboteur (engineering). Giving it just a quick glance, dirty fighting (lethality) looks like a mDPS or short range DPS tree.

Thanks for everyone's feedback!
It is not a major issue, and every fight is a little different and may favor one over the other. Ranged DPS is typically a little easier as you're out of any AOEs the boss casts around himself (like stomps), but mDPS tend to have better survivability cooldowns and some other tricks that offset.

All the sniper trees have only 30m skills in them. None focus on any melee skills (and the only 10m skills you'll use are the CCs that are universally short range). Lethality (sniper/slinger) is ranged but it tends to be a poor leveling spec. It's much better endgame and PVP. Lethality (scoundrel/operative) is primarily short range.