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You have to remember that generally speaking, there is a huge difference between a reliable rakata raid member, and a rakata PuG. It's very easy to clear TFB in Rakata with people you can depend on to do what is needed, but PuG's on average tend to be all over the place.

To make up for this loss in comfort and reliability, the only option is to request for over geared players (who you can roughly assume knows whats going on since they already have the gear).
Good points. For what it's worth, I did tell the guy that it was just an alt I'm gearing up and I know what I'm doing. He also had an issue with my gear itemization, but he did not seem to understand that this was not my final gear configuration. I'm gearing up! He complained that some of the mods in my gear were not updated...well, that's because they were lettered mods and the columi mods I already had were better (I look at main stat + power in comparing mods). He also complained that all of my pieces were not augmented. You really want me to augment pieces that I plan to upgrade shortly? Come on....

It just seems that, with almost all of the gear available without having to set foot in an operation, the art of running ops to gear up has been lost. Do people not do this anymore? People just hit 50 and immediately buy all the campaign gear and run operations that are way too easy for them? Sounds like a whole lotta fun...