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Current active Bounties:

Name: Silína (Sil'na in game)
Faction: Imperial
Profession: Sith
Reward offered: 70,000 (Silína)
Reason for Bounty: This slagging whore messed up my crew. I want get some payback on her.
Objective: Have a screenshot or chat log taken of Silína beaten up and having lost a duel. Emote duel preferred.

Name: Stygus (Stygus in game)
Faction: Empire
Profession: Sith
Reward offered: 100,000 (Stygus)
Reason for Bounty: Crimes against the Empire
Objective: Defeat the player in a /emote battle and escort to Imperial Intelligence on Dromund Kaas.

Name: Sarvin (Sarvinn in game)
Faction: Empire
Profession: Sith
Reward offered: 35,000 (Sarvin)
Reason for Bounty: Wanted for questioning by Republic Internal Security
Objective: Defeat player in /roll or /emote battle and escort to Republic Area on Voss for handing over to Republic Security

Name: Taelios (Lolermelon in game)
Faction: Empire
Profession: Sith
Reward offered: 250,000 (Taelios)
Reason for Bounty: Taelios demands to be challenged by the best!
Objective: Defeat player in a /duel. Must be one on one for levels 46 and above. Willing to fight two on one for levels 45 and below.

Name: Feruldus Hemm, AKA: Agent Nomad (Display: Beytr-Cron)

Description: Human, male. Age 32. 5'5, 170 lbs. Black, very short hair. Brown eyes. Moderately dark complexion.

Faction: Republic.

Profession: SIS Operative, terminated status. (Vanguard)

Reward offered: 40,000 credits dead, 60,000 alive. Payable by SIS liaison. (Semo-Cron)

Reason for Bounty: The agent in question is wanted DEAD or ALIVE for unveiling highly sensitive intelligence. In light of the burn order placed on this agent, the bounty will be paid in full upon the presentation of the man in stable condition. Two-thirds of the full bounty will be paid upon the presentation of a body. Confirmation of identity will be made by genetic verification.

Objective: Agent Nomad was last seen on Coruscant within the Old Galactic Market district. It is known that the agent is no longer in the system, but likely outside of Republic Space. Intel suggests the agent is currently under the guard of a volatile force sensitive, a male Miraluka named Taven Hectarion. Additional reward will NOT be paid for detaining or eliminating Agent Nomad's companion. Little information is available regarding the Miraluka, except that he likely has affiliation with the terrorist organization known as 'Haven.' Caution is advised, bounty to be taken at one's own risk. (Contact Semo-Cron for the set-up)

Completed bounties:

Bounty on Brintte Status: Lyliana was caught by Clan Bes'uliik

Name: Brintte
Faction: Empire (Originally Republic)
Profession: "Ex - SIS Double Agent inside Imperial Intelligence" (Operative)
Reward offered: 100, 000, paid by Captain Lyliani (Brintte's alt)
Reason for Bounty: Agent Brintte Yrzen has been found guilty of stealing delicate military information, property of the Galactic Republic. The a information recovered. How the agent is handled is not of concern. She can be terminated or not. Termination of the agent will not earn any additional rewards. The Datapad must be send to Cpt. Lyliani in order to claim the bounty.
Objective: Defeat Brintte in a /emote or /say combat and send a mail to Lyliani. The credits will be send and the cost of the message will be also covered.