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((Welcome to the Bounty Hunters board. This board is for posting bounties on players on either faction. It is maintained by the Hutt cartel which maintains full neutrality. Bounty’s posted on here are for real in-game credits. You complete the bounty you will get the credits. Please note this is a system that may be in flux. Some things might work some might now. We are all to work together. Check out Begeren for more RPing options! And thank you Darth Hater for the post on your site!))


How does it work?

A bounty may be placed on a person provided they agree to it. This is done between the poster and the target. Alternately, you may post a bounty on your own character if you are doing any RP that would have that. If you are placing a post that this is a self-bounty, please mark it as such so we may know you agree with yourself to have this bounty place on you.

Once a target has volunteered they will be fair game for any hunters to find in-game. When the paths of hunter and prey cross, that is where it gets fun.

Who pays the bounty?

That will be decided before the bounty is posted. If a player is posting it on themselves they will need to provide it. If another player is putting it on someone else, the two players will need to decide who’s posting it.

What happens if the person doesn’t pay the bounty?

It is expected of the person posting the reward to be able to cover it. You can work out alternate methods but this is between the two parties. If communications completely fails, I will talk with both parties and if needed will cover the bounty in credits. The person that failed to pay the bounty will not be permitted to have bounties posted on their character or alternate characters. You can reach me as Sasmii in game.

How do I post a bounty?

Please post bounties in this format. This is mainly for uniformity and ease of search:

Name: (Please clearly mark the in-game name separately from any titles or pseudonyms)
Faction: Empire/Republic
Profession: "IC Profession" (OOC class)
Reward offered: (in real credits and who will be paying it)
Reason for Bounty: (this is a blurp for why you have a bounty and any information you think should be known about it)
Objective: (this is where you list the objective for collecting the bounty. It’s also where you specify if you want /emote, /duel, or however you want to resolve it.)

Do I really die?

No. Unless you want it, this is NOT a perma-death situation.

Are these bounties real?

Yes. If you say your death is worth 500 credits, be prepared to pay 500 credits if defeated -- so don't go posting bounties you can't afford! If cost is a concern, don't post a massive bounty on your head.

Can I post a non-violent bounty?

Yes. You can ask that something be stolen from the character or that they be intimidated -- something like that... as long as there is a way to decide if the hunter is successful. If you wish to try something like this, make sure you explain exactly what is required in the bounty notes if it is beyond trial-by-combat.

Why would I go out of my way to offer money to have my character beaten up?

To prove you're tough? To show that the hype you've created for your character is justified? To show people you are dangerous?

Or, to have some fun, spontaneous RP.

Why not just PVP?

Why not do both?

This system places lower level characters at an unfair disadvantage!

Yes. You must either level them or acknowledge that other players will be more powerful than you are.

Can I have my whole guild hunt one person?

That is to be discussed with the person who has the bounty on their head. This could easily be a guild event. Just talk with the person who has the bounty on their head. It is their bounty and story. Work with them and everyone will benefit.

Is there a PC that we can interact from the Bounty Hunter organization that works for the Hutts?

Yes there is. The character’s in game name is Baroness. She is a Chiss Bounty Hunter that works for the Hutts. In game name on Imp side is Jyger. On Rep side it will be Baron’ess. If you want to talk to her let me know and we can RP setting up a bounty.

Who updates this?

I will be working on keeping this up to date. If you wish to post a bounty please post into this thread. Once it meets the requirement of making sure the target accepts the bounty, it will go into active bounties.

I have a question, who can I ask and where?

Post it below and I will answer it. If you think something could be modified, let me know as well! ^_____^

This board is managed on Begeren I will be managing it on the main site as well here.