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I support changing the resolve system back to what it was before, because there was nothing unfair about that. The current resolve system is what's broken. That is not a call for extreme measures such as allowing roots to build resolve, and therefore killing classes that rely on them, and getting rid of the 4m range true stun. There's nothing wrong with the stun itself, just that it should be that hard stun plus a mezz should fill resolve like it used to prior to 1.4. Problem fixed no more resolve complaints, or stun wars scenarios.
I agree, 1.4 made Resolve worse (something I NEVER could have imagined), but even prior to 1.4 it has been a massive failure of a system. There are FAR too many CC's in this game and the mechanic meant to minimize their impact on players is faulty.

Resolve needs to be impacted by everything that can CC you (that includes roots and slows) and CC breakers need a much shorter cooldown (30sec max imo).
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