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As a person with only one lvl 400 anything, a biochem, I make a few extra credits by selling Exotech stims. These require 4 Radioactive Paste (in addition to more easily aquired mats) for each batch of 3 stims. To support making these, I run Diplomacy Grade 6 Medical Supplies gathering missions to get the paste. I have outfitted my ship droid with the legacy +2 Diplomacy Crit Armoring, and as a Trooper have Aric Jordan who has a +2 Diplomacy Critical buff by default. Both companions are max affection. As I understand it (re:, running the green and yellow level 6 Medical Supplies missions with these two companions should give me a 22% crit rating.

My apparent crit result rate recently however, is far, far, lower, on the order of perhaps 7% or less of missions returning Radioactive Paste. For instance, in the last week I gathered over 200 smart cells (the only other material collected) vs. 11 paste. This was the result of running about 50 missions (I log in and queue missions even when not actively playing), in which I received paste 4 times, in quantities of 3, 3, 3, and then 2. These results have been repeating for a few weeks now, so that should be a big enough sample to eliminate any statistical flukes. Does this indicate that the crafting mission crit chance is broken, or actually not as described in the above Q&A? Am I making a false assumption that a crit result should always yield paste? It seems like I used to get a lot more paste (perhaps before 1.4 release?)

I realize of course, that rare materials should be hard to acquire, however this seems a bit off... After spending a week running missions at a cost of close to 100k credits, plus the cost of missions to get the other required mats, which will be at least 10k more credits, I have 9 Exotechs to sell on the GTN for about 180k credits, about a 70k profit. Does this seem like the right rate of return, or the right amount of reward for in game effort (50+ crew missions)?
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