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11.06.2012 , 10:42 AM | #1
This thread is not, as you might have expected, a criticism of Bioware -- it's more a problem with how the player base is tackling end-game operations.

It seems as though player skill is at such a sad point that people forming ops groups are imposing gear restrictions way beyond what they should be for a given operation. I am gearing up an alt DPS sorc, and I got turned down from SM TFB twice last night due to my gear, which is full rakata except for two pieces of columi. Um, am I delusional or does SM TFB drop rakata? How am I supposed to gear up if groups doing the content that drops the gear I need will not take me? You really want me to grind black hole comms and credits to buy individual mods/armorings to gear up, just so I can over-gear content and put ops leaders' minds at ease? No thanks, I'd rather do it the old-fashioned way. It's pretty simple: I need rakata, SM TFB drops rakata. Thus, I should be doing SM TFB.

Come on people, this instance is not that hard. I do 16M HM on my main with my guild, and people are acting like you need full campaign for story mode. 80% of TFB is about mechanics -- get them down and you're good, as long as you can do decent DPS (and have tanks and healers doing their jobs, as well). Has player skill really dipped to such a low that people don't feel comfortable doing the content unless they completely out-gear it?

Anyone else found this to be the case? It's pretty sad. Man up and challenge yourselves.