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11.06.2012 , 10:08 AM | #18
Theres quite a few reasons to craft as you level:

Do you want to ignore it then have to grind to 400 when you get to 50, thats very boring.
Crafting for companions, they often need a bit of a gear boost which makes levelling easier.
Alt crafting - your next alt can benefit from what you've learnt from this one, not everyone waits to 50 before starting a new alt
Guildees - people tend to look after themselves when they get to 50 but they appreciate levelling gear boosts.
You can easily outstrip your levelling with your crafting e.g. I was making the purple ship parts in my level 30s when i started the game and selling them. On my synthweaver, I'd sent him some bio alloy and he had rakata belt and bracers waiting for him when he hit it.

It remains about the effort you put into it, ignore and you'll get little out of crafting, but then it's optional anyway.