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Aren't Twi'leks only able to have Children with other Twi'leks?

Also, here is something to consider about a Pureblood Inquisitor: they were a late addition to the game. Originally (aka a few months before launch), if you wanted to be a Pureblood you had to be a Sith Warrior. It was because all Purebloods are Force-Sensitive (those that aren't get killed as infants), and they are part of the Aristocracy. So the "Slave Discovered to be Force-Sensitive Narrative" Inquisitor backstory didn't fit with Pureblood's. It was only after a large fan outcry (on the Pre-Release there were polls with thousands upon thousands of votes with around 75% of people in favor or Pureblood Inquisitors). And more importantly, a good number of Bioware Devs were in favor of allowing Pureblood Inquisitors. As a result, they were added a few months before release.
The problem with this, Read the Revan novel. There are Sith Pureblood that are treated as slaves. If a sith is disgraced, even a pureblood, their entire family is enslaved.
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