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Stellar work! I enjoy your informative, yet concise descriptions and I feel like you really know what your talking about.

If I could make a request for a future series, I know its a controversial topic but there are many misconceptions regarding Mandalorians and I feel you could clear up a lot of things for people. I'm a fan of a (more tone-downed) Karen Traviss style Mando myself as opposed to the FotJ cannon-fodder mercenaries and I'd like to see your interpretation of cannon regarding the culture. (might even be worth their own series of threads with the Neo-crusaders, Deathwatch, Hippie Mandos, ect...)

I'd also like to see a series to do with somewhat obscure non-force using organizations such as the Antarian Rangers. or the Noghri, Exchange, Black Sun, ect...
Interesting topics. Those are actually some good ideas that would make some good threads. I'll look into them.

Thank you very much!
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