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Disagree with two points.

1. Roots building resolve=problematic for classes that rely on roots to keep distance (sniper/gunslinger).
Also, I already have a problem with those pesky guardians/juggernauts that are immune to any sort of cc, including knockback for a duration...the longer they stay in a sniper's face the quicker the sniper dies, being able to keep melee classes at bay is the key to survival for the class.

2. Debilitate, electrocute, other 4m stuns being 1.5 second knockdowns is unfair. Every class gets a true stun why should 4m ones which are on ranged classes be nerfed to this? Yeah, multiple enemies beating on one player and stunlocking him is unfair, but what about some poor gunslinger who's trying to fight a melee one on one? Why punish everyone?

Would like to add that yes, I hate the way resolve is right now as much as the next guy. It's no fun when you get cc after cc after cc. And the game now rewards people for being careless with cc instead of punishing them. That's why you have all these knights and their uncles constantly using the aoe mezz, followed by stealthers mind-trapping twice in a row, and then proceeding to use their actual stun, etc. It's a nightmare of cc out there almost every match. But remember, it wasn't always like that. Want to know the best way to fix resolve? Simple. Just return it back to what it was before 1.4. Notice how there were very few threads about then. 1.4 is what broke it. They messed with something that wasn't broken, and so it broke.
Sorc/Sages can CC people 4-6 times in a row before giving them 100% resolve while utilizing other effects such as roots that don't effect resolve at all. Fix resolve nerf sorcs/sages.

If noone agrees with that... my fall back nerf is to nerf concealments again to fix resolve.