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11.06.2012 , 09:28 AM | #10
Yeah, that's what I was trying to say about roots building resolve. It would make melee classes even more powerful, and weaken ranged too much. I think it's fine as it is that roots can't build resolve. If you've ever had one of those guardians or shadows on you with CC immunity, you'll know how much a ranged class suffers in those situations.
Also, I don't think resolve is the reason you can be cornered by 3 or 4 opponents and killed quickly. That happens in every warzone, we've all had it done to us and we all do it ourselves. Even if you are completely immune to any form of cc, you will most likely die if those situations. It's really not resolve to blame on that one.
Like I said before, resolve was fine before 1.4. It was never broken before,( hence it's easy to see the drastic difference before then and now)The problem is they broke it because now it doesn't fill the way it used to therefore it is highly probable to find yourself cc'd three times in a row, hence you have a bunch of people having a field day throwing out their aoe mezzes, their stealth mezzes, and so on. It makes for a bad pvp experience because you find yourself cc's twice as often or more as you were prior to 1.4.