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I'm not sure if other servers have this problem and I was just curious if they do. The server we migrated to during the first migration has this disease rampant on it. I call it the Revan disease. Now this is all done RP-wise.

Pretty much it's something I've noticed vast majority of Force user experience. The symptoms are pretty easy to spot.

The first stage is a character starts off trying to be a good Jedi. They try their best to follow the Code and uphold it in RP. Then they get bored of being a Jedi for some reason or decide that they need to break the rules to do what's best.

The second stage is they start to consider going to the dark side but still being a 'good' character and trying to do good but ultimately they realize that they can not be good and just try to do good.

The third stage is they switch factions and roll a Sith under a Sith master who treats them terrible but they still try to be a good character that suffers through it all. They are in this galaxy to do good they say.

Have you encountered this RP before? I mean the first dozen times it's pretty cool. But honestly I've just gotten sick of it on both sides of the fence. What ever happened to just BEING a Sith or Jedi? You don't need to do some crazy complicated backstory of your fall or rise and then come to the cantina to complain about your life to my character.

Hmm...this gives me an idea for an RP now. Maybe my smuggler should start a betting pool on who's going to fall or rise next. It's getting very predictable to me, I could make a lot of credits.

((Maybe a rant, dunno, don't care))