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11.06.2012 , 07:51 AM | #102
I think the nub of this matter is the vocality of someone saying "FFS spacebar!" over and over in FPs, as if it was expected and someone who wasn't spacebarring them is doing something wrong.

Even on the first FP (Black Talon/esseles) there are people spamming chat with "spacebar, come on!", sorry but that's rather selfish. By all means , this could be your 6th alt or something, but it may be the first roll for someone else.

It's not the request to spacebar that bothers me, it's how the request is presented. There have been times when someone has said "hey peeps, is it ok if we spacebar through the scenes?" a much more polite and possitive presentation with the same goal in mind. Personally, if someone asks (politely) to spacebar through scenes, i dont mind. If someone wants to kick back and watch them, that's fine too. As I stated, it's the seemingly forceful nature of demanding people spacebar which is the bottleneck of this situation.

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