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All stories have good and bad parts. For example in the knight's story the transition from chap1 to chap2 is ridiculously fast, as from being a padawan you are called to do what you have to do. Consular's story, chap1 is yawn, but the rest of the chapters are cool; and basically fit with the role of a consular. Also the sith's stories fit with their role, both warrior and inquisitor. In some respects it seems that the jedi's and sith's stories are "inspired" by a char in the movies imo. Knight=Luke, consular=Qui-gon/Owi-wan, warrior=Vader, inquisitor=Palpatine.

Smuggler's is not my favourite, contrary to agent's which is good. Started the bounty's and seems good from start. Not a clue about trooper's. Imo this class should not even exist given the period in the star wars timeline that swtor takes place.