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There is a free pvp gear only because pve queens cried to get one and now they cry because this free pvp gear isnt a full augmented WH gear.
That's not even remotely close to the logic behind providing a free PvP suit at 50. It wasn't PvEers complaining about not having PvP gear. It was fresh 50s who weren't hard core PvPers while they were leveling complaining that whenever they went into a match, they were completely outclassed by hard core PvPers who drastically outgeared them in every imaginable way.

Even though you'll rarely see a PvPer admit it, PvP is just as gear dependent as PvE is. Throw a fresh Recruit geared player against a fully Auged WH geared player and, assuming the WH player isn't a complete idiot, the WH player will win handily.

As such, there *should* exist a gear progression for PvP gear within the confines of the game, just like there is for PvE, but there isn't, and there won't be unless the developers decide to cut up and divy out the players in the realm of PvP into small group, thereby reducing the likelihood of getting PvP queues to pop at any time other than the absolute busiest hours. As such, PvP provides recruit gear to any and all fresh 50s to provide a starting point wherein you don't have to spend the first 30 hours of your PvP experience devoted to getting roflstomped so you can actually afford some gear that might lend you the slightest chance of winning.

In PvE, each level of content is discretely difficult and drops the relevant gear for that difficulty. When you queue up or join a group for a certain piece of content, you know what to expect. If you're not in or close to fully aug'd Campaign, you're not gonna do well in HM TfB. If you're not full Columi, you're not gonna do well in HM KP or EV.

In PvP, you don't get to choose discrete difficulty levels. It's all based upon what the other team is wearing. You might someday get lucky and stumbled upon a disorganized group of fresh 50s without any recruit gear and then get hit with a band of guilded fully aug'd WH players that proceed to stomp your face in. The variance in difficulty is too large to enforce anything resembling the same degree of gear progression that you see in PvE, so the developers saw fit to simply give everyone the same starting point so that, at the very least, they stand some minute chance of winning against or, at least, contributing to their team when faced with people that drastically overgear them.
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