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FPS is a good performance indicator, as if something brings your machine to crawl you obviously don't have a 100FPS there. A lot of which probably boils down to hardware and/or driver issues however. As personally I have no slowdowns. So either it's a hardware problem per se, or the game is conflicting with certain drivers or vice versa.

Also in terms of loading screen issues, I have none with the average loading screen taking roughly 5 seconds. SSD's work like a charm. Sure on traditional HDD it may take time, however, that's primarily a hardware issue moreso than a general performance issue.

As for the last part of your text "ability lag or no fire or registered fire with nothing happening or ability no fire with a cooldown anyways"... I couldn't descramble.
Look man, I have no reason to lie. I get 100FPS most of the time. You also should not need an SSD to run a pos game.

As for the part you cant descramble if you dont know about ability lag or delay or fires that dont happen then you are just lying. Its well documented here.

As for everything else... no its not a damn hardware issue. Just because you dont have problems doesnt mean other people do. Enough of hardware issue crap. I can run any game, on max settings without a hitch, except this one. This game doesnt have the graphics to have such ****** performance. Its their crappy coding and their crappy engine, not my hardware.
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