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11.06.2012 , 04:14 AM | #3
Have a look on our DPS trees from perspective of Raiding and doing Rated WZs.
Have a look on my statistic - numbers speak for themselves. Average of Leth Ops per 41 WZs: so far ZERO. Why should i shut up? I want to be loud at least like Mercenaries are. And they are already getting dev attention. Ppl here on our forum just say 'we're fine and then go play their marauder. Stop saying we're fine, we are NOT.

- PVE - not good enough, i'd replace myself with leth. sniper anytime
- PVP? terribad - basically you can run around, keep Poison Darted everyone, help healers offheal. If you go in for shiv, you're destroyed by melee classes. You're slowed, stunned => your TA stack with funny 10 seconds timer is gone, you're just joke

-PVE -basically same, not good enough dps
-PVP - better than Lethality, at least ppl dont see you in stealth, while Lethality stealth is (again) joke