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Okay it done, upto mdlogan decide what damage is done. Hope no one was, planet bound.

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Also Graal and the others have already sent transport down to the sruface so there is really no need for you to do so lego.
The reason she sent down the transport for reffreash, was help ease her mind. Also she no idea what graal doing, so she could say alteast tried to save some one. I know in scheam of thing`s, espicaly since she just commited mass murder. It`s not much, but it did happen.

Also why does the reviers think it was sith, what did this. Okay it was, but it was a republic ship what hit the planet. Also she made sure the republic survied it, by realsing the escape pods. As they clamped down, till she reased them.
So no one could shoot at her, when she escaped. Also the republic got, their people of the planet.