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Your main char could (and, IMHO, should) be with all three gathering skills if you have alts (even low levell) with crafting skills.

you must consider two points:
1. beside of your char you should gear up through all the game your companion. it's good, when your companion has the same main stat as your char and you can put you old mods in comps gear when you get a new one, but healing companions (mainly used while levelling) usually have cunning as only agents and smugglers. all other classes are to gear companions other ways, paying additional attention and money to it. Having Cybertech or Armomech as crafting skill you can gear your comps with green stuff up to date any time.
2. for crafting green stuff you need only crafting and gathering skills, but for crafting blues and purples (the real one valuable) you will need also a mission skill. and it will take time to get to 400 not one but two skills later to start crafting real stuff!
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