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Remi and Scourge no spoilers


@bright_ephemera Brilliant I loved seeing the two perspectives. His sadness coming through even though only a single line is typed. I felt sorry for the girl :/ I hope the post he got her was a good one for her career. Interesting thing that she worried about getting caught, usually the commander is the one who gets in trouble for that sort of thing, but I could see in the Empire that the reverse would be true. And Tuk'ata = Quinn? (purely on the strength of his friendliness)... I giggle when I read that, every time.

@Magdalane I love your girls. Their sisterly bonds are so strong, it's funny how the men accept their place outside and bewildered Corso is hilarious.

@Striges Yay for Rixik/Shen, I love his perspective, he's so damaged in some ways but oddly removed from it all. Like even in the worst situations he finds a way to get something out of it for himself and utterly without remorse.

@iamthehoyden I do love your Gault. Also the descriptions of Crae preparing his food, chilling yet tasty just like him