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sigh. What happens if your ranged now? That's right 2 - 3 warriors leap to you root, push and choke you to death. Guess what will happen with the changes I proposed.. oh yes you're resolve will fill up within a few globals giving you unstoppable as ranged. That let's you kite and there's not a damn thing the melee can do about it. Once you are full resolved that's it. They have to deliberately wait and let your resolve come off before they can do anything about your movement. If anything the changes I propose punish melee players more than ranged. In terms of 1v1 nothing changes. You will NEVER fill the resolve of the opposing player unless you stun/root every global or if they pop their breaker. At which point you can also pop your breaker.

Look this is really simple.. you cannot take my system and say adding roots to resolve would ruin things when it's quite clear you are projecting it over the "current" system. Yes, in this regard you're completely right here! If they added roots to the current resolve system then ranged would get completely ****ed over. Also everyone would be walking around 100% resolved all the time.

As far as resolve not working.. It absolutely unequivocally does not work. Why even have resolve at all if all it does is drain away in the respawn area? Tell me what the point of it is, please? Hell if you want a crystal clear demonstartion of what the 'current" resolve system has in store for you, try playing huttball as a ball carrier. There's been matches where a simple task like walking from the huttball pickup point to the pit area ( only about a 40m distance) has taken more than a minute. Most games I end up rooted in the pit blowing every cooldown, mashing pass and forward. I only need to take like 3 more steps but I can't. I am full resolved and have been for the past 30 seconds while my character just stands there rooted, bleeding health. The funniest bit of all is that most classes couldn't get 5 meters without being totally beaten to death. Heck this is actually the reason I play an immortal vengeance jug just so I don't have to put up with the lame stunfest as much as other classes. You can't stunlock an immortal vengeance jug to death. They at least have a fighting chance.

Would my changes allow easier huttball capping? Sure, not just for jugs but for all classes. It would encourage skillful passing, tactical rooting and slowing rather then the current gank cluster **** mindless zombie stunfest. Hell it might even cause people to actually start playing huttball rather than the typical DPS stat padding shenanigans.

Would my changes prevent 5 players from stunlocking and beating down their oponent? Hell yes! The current system you can be stunned for more than 8 seconds straight and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Even when your resolve is full they can still beat you down while your character just stands there bent over. My changes allow not only a meaningful escape mechanism but also a big restriction on the duration you can be disabled for.

Reverting the changes won't solve a damn thing. As I pointed out the TTK gets faster every patch. The resolve system was never built to handle this. It's broken, it's not working as intended. If it was then why did bioware change it? Well they did change it and their changes failed miserably. Time for a revamp.