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Yeh, it's not quite that simple. You have to keep in mind that the time to kill is decreasing with every patch. This last patch definitely made the stunlocking issue worse by "increasing' the duration that you can be stunned for. Pre 1.4 was not quite as bad but still very bad. Everyone can relate to having 4 - 5 guys beat on them only to watch their full resolve bar melt away while they stood in the spawn area.
I hate the recent resolve change as much as anyone else because it rewards baddies. It did not change how long you could be CC though, just more often.

Your suggest resolve changes would do nothing about the whole getting beat on by 5 guys and dying quickly. There's also nothing wrong with that scenario. You should die if you're being attacked by 5 guys.

The resolve system is and has always been broken and it's only going to get worse.
God I'm so tired so bads who don't understand what the resolve system is complaining about it. Resolve has NEVER been broken. It has always worked the way it was intended to. NOBODY has been able to provide any proof that it was broken in the 10 months SWTOR has been out.

The current system does not punish players for completely filling a resolve bar. What is the point of achieving full resolve if it ..
A) does not remove all movement impairing effects off of you and
B) Still allows you to be rooted or slowed once free of the stun.
You clearly haven't played a ranged dps class for any extensive period of time if you think a full resolve bar melee coming at you isn't punishing.

We all know the answer to this...

Then there is the current lame stun break mechanic where you are basically encouraged to allow players to beat on you until you are at full resolve. Even then, provided that you survived, you can still be rooted and slowed to an extent that renders the break utterly worthless.
Roots/snares being affected by resolve means ranged dps classes will get ***** left and right, and ranged classes are already suffering compared to melee. It will also make scoring in huttball waaaaaaaaay too easy, as well as make it harder to cap a node or plant a bomb.

The changes I proposed address all of these issues. They punish players who spam their stuns off cooldown and encourage a more tactical use of them. Also the new root break mechanic would become an extremely useful tools. It would in fact alter this game to such an extent that individual SKILL would prevail over the current gangking mentality. It would even strip away some of the pre-made glory because you will no longer be able to gank a target, keeping them perma stunned while you and your buddies beat on them. 5 seconds of stun is all you will get before the effects end.
We just need to revert the recent resolve change and we're good. I'd be down for a few tweaks like lower cd on cc breaker, or using it giving you full resolve. Something small like that, but not putting roots/snares on there because it will suck for ranged.