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Hrmm well, truth be told i didnt have any clue about there being different types of dummies out there. And well apparently i stand corrected very badly, only 1.5k dps on the MK5 ops dummy over a span of 7minutes (discounting warm up and the end when a sentinel jumped it, i doubt guaranteeing crits with force potency would have helped much). Gueess i've just been having pure luck during raids with my dps compared to my guildies. If i am supposed to hit 200-300dps higher on that dummy. Gueess i'll read up on that thread (didnt even know there was a forum outside of this one).

Now i'm left wondering if i should just delete my previous post...

edit: i just realised my brain also farted on the patches and the items they included. I'm only 1.3 specced (bad luck on the 1.4 item rolls).
Don't put too much stock into the ops dummy. Look at the parses for your actual raids. Certain specs don't perform that well against the dummies in general. I parse higher on some boss fights than I do on the dummy. Plus, in real fights, we don't lose as much DPS switching targets like melee do. Just tab over and resume killing. A melee might post higher on the dummy than you, but you can still out DPS them on a real boss fight because you are quicker at switching targets and DPSing on the run.