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If its a hard mode flashpoint then I'm sorry to say that it is inconsiderate to expect people to watch all the dialogue. You're there for coms and gear, its a level 50 version of a lower level flashpoint. Its for this reason I have always advocated on hardmode, flashpoints should not have cut-scenes.

If it's a story-mode flashpoint then I take the complete opposite view. If you are seriously there for gear (?) or experience (?) and you're not interested or respectful enough to those who are in the storyline and dialogue scenes, then you're an idiot and should be flamed for insisting that people space-bar the best content this game has to offer.

If you want to power-level, please don't pug or join group finder storymode flashpoints. Do it with your friends.
100% this. If you're in a story mode FP, and you've seen it 100 times, ask the others in your group politely if they will space bar. But honestly, if you just want to space bar through story mode FPs, you probably should take a break from playing them in the first place.