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K. So I'm bout to run my first sm ev with my guild. I'm gonna be an off healer. Any tips?
only real heal intensive parts are the first bosses mechanic where he says "I am equipped with twenty-four distinct weapons technologies" your guild will probably explain what to do then, but during that phase, AoE heals -- Kolto missile/ kolto bomb, revivification/salvation, and recuperative nanotech (forgot smuggler name) are VERY important here. Next heal intensive part is the last boss. The whole fight is a step up in healing, but it can be easily done if your group avoids unecessary damage. Thats the key in most of these ops, there are lots of times on every encounter where players can avoid damage, and if they dont, it usually means a wipe. Hopefully your guild is experienced, and its a fun run all in all
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