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I am kinda annoyed by either - the people who demand to watch the story - and the people who demand to spacebar.

I skip when everyone does it, but I don't mind watching the story. hell I still don't even mind the esseles/black talon story much. (though I'd say it's hard to find anyone who's never done it)

what I'd do if I wanted to see the story, tell people that you want to see it right away - or if they're ******es just not mention it at all and pretend it's not you who's not skipping

OR roll a tank with your first char. if people don't like it... let them have fun finding someone to replace you
I agree, I will spacebar if asked. I will watch story if others want to

I prefer to skip most of them sometimes, but I have had plenty of times a guy said "First time" to which I said "If you wanna watch the convos just toss me a heads up so I am not sitting at Waiting for players....." I just hate seeing a guy stand still so I ask politely for the heads up.

Also any time I ask for someone to spacebar I say "Can you Spacebar Please" not "Spacebar Now Nubs!" Minor thing I know but makes a big difference.
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