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11.05.2012 , 10:46 PM | #6
I get what you're trying to say about roots, still not sure if they should build resolve though. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad. But that really isn't the problem right now. There are a bunch of other things that can and should build resolve, and the system would work just fine (note, the way it already did not so long ago). And I would never vote to completely get rid of stuns in PVP. It's perfectly fair when used at certain times, and if resolve is working in a well-designed and fair way. Stuns are just a part of PVP, I've never been one of those people that would like them eliminated or changed into something else. Even if you do increase the range, what you're proposing means that no class will have a true stun anymore and again, that's not the real problem or issue at all. Every class should have a true stun, it's not what most people are complaining about. It's the current resolve system that allows multiple CC"s without filling the resolve bar and becoming immune to them.

This never happened before 1.4. Everything was working fine. So I am saying that's all they really need to do, just return it like it was before. Every warzone you get three knights all using their Awe ability consecutively....awe...damage breaks it...awe again...for its full duration...awe again...seriously?! They walk by you just to do the awe, because it's become the way the game is played now. Before they saved it for the right time, now its "hi, say hello to my little mezz!" That's just one example of course, but a common one. Resolve builds so slowly now, that it just ruins the gameplay. Before it was pretty much two cc's and that's it. Everyone had to be smarter about using their cc's, now they use them every second they get because they get rewarded for it, and that's the problem. Just change it to what it was like before, and I bet there will never be another thread complaining about resolve again.