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I get that they are busy with F2P. They have to have it ironed out before people put money in the system and they lose control. Especially with players on the test server failing to inform people of player advantage bugs like the heal and stim (around since beta).

But waiting for F2P to go through before telling us anything is just another shadow on the game. Between transfers off of Gav Daragon (Snivy above is only one of MANY) and people rage-quitting just fed up with the lack of population, this and the lack of communication from Bioware Developers and customer support has made the game darker and more oppressive when it should be fun and relaxing if EA want us to keep paying for it as entertainment.

I am sure we are ignorant of the factors that go into deciding on mergers of servers and the metrics and feedback they have to weighed to maintain the game as profitable for the efforts of the workers to accomplish this. In no way should it be a rushed decision. But we live in a world of politicians telling us they are looking into things and never doing such. We are media trained to despise this behaviour. It is literally better to lie to us and regularly tell us progress is being made on options to resolve the issue, even if that progress is just working through F2P to free up the personnel to address it.
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