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I wouldn't say any of them feel particularly "my story" considering the dialog options are non-branching and severely limited in most cases.

Particularly since my inquisitor is my main character, and the one I bond with the most, but his story didn't for the most part go anywhere I wanted it to go. Mainly due to the way he behaves in the story (or doesnt, since the inq is a brainless puppet in the class story). Also I hate the way the relationship with Ashara turned out. (back then I hadn't realized that I can cancel the convos and restart, though)

Bounty hunter has a great story I can relate to, but I cant get the same feeling I do with my "main" character. Same for the sith warrior who has the story I like the most. (even though its chocked with Sith cliches and SW bad-assitude, thats why I love it. Compare it to SI story which was the complete opposite)

On second thought, propably the story that feels most like "my story" is that of the bounty hunter. Everything synches together so well.

ps. So far I havent gotten excited about the smuggler story at all. Only started with JK story.
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