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Chapter One

Khatria was heading to her ship. She had just received her title and designation, Cipher nine. She kept having this gnawing feeling that something was wrong. She started getting a headache.

"You alright, Khatria?" Kaliyo asked.

"I-I'm fine," Khatria said


"Who are you?" She asked

"Do not worry about that," The Sith lord stated

He then proceeded to enter her mind.

"ARGH," She exclaimed, "GET OUT OF MY HEAD"

*End Memory*

Kaliyo was just standing there, just watching as Khatria was yelling at nobody. She grabbed her holo-communicator and called keeper.

"What's wrong, Kaliyo?" Keeper asked.

"It's your operative, my 'partner'," Kaliyo said, "She seems to be acting crazy, going on about someone being in her head."

"Hm, I wonder," Keeper said.

"What is it?" Kaliyo asked.

"Nothing, just keep an eye on her," the old man said

Khatria managed to recover, but as she was getting on her ship, Khatria wondered 'what is going on in my head?'

End of Chapter One

I bet I messed up on the agent's first companion, but how is it so far?
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